2002 – Parents and Children of Cain [Адамы и Евы]


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This play presents five versions of the story of Creation: different sets of Adams and Eves found themselves in different settings such as communist and capitalist Russia. The first murder that of Abel by his brother Cain, sets off a series of unfortunate events culminating in Stalin’s purges. It is a comedy from Russian life with songs and dance in Russian and English.

Notes from Julia Nemirovskaya, the play’s writer and director:

“The Poet tries to sign a pact with the Devil. They are friends and enemies. Despite his troubled and sometimes unbearable existence, the Poet completes his work. We acted out the comedy about Adams and Eves, but also the tragedy of a Poet, trying to submit neither just to the funny nor to the dark side of reality. It was a balance. I am happy I can continue directing a student theater. My first one was at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. We produced several plays there, including ones after Mikhail Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita” and Daniil Kharms’s poetry. Student theater is an amazing thing, a child of love and, ultimately, a miracle. All of a sudden in this culture of flat screens and fast fixes, something absolutely different emerges -— something full of life, energy and creativity.”