Russian Through Theater is a two- to four-credit course. Students who have major parts in the play rehearse four hours a week and have extensive homework. They are eligible for four credits. Students with lesser parts and assistants who opt to rehearse/participate two hours a week receive two credits.

Attendance and participation (55%)

A large percent of the grade is based on attendance and participation. Attendance is the core element of the theater work ethic. However, preparing the performance is only one of the course objectives. Russian Through Theater is a practical language and culture course, and attendance is as essential as it is for any oral language acquisition and practical culture class. Students have to be present in class even if they are not involved in the scene indicated on the rehearsal schedule. Students can miss class only due to family or health emergencies.

Midterm (15%)

For the midterm, students participate in the first run without scripts. If the lines are memorized, they get a positive grade. At the first run (midterm) students have to be able to understand and translate their lines; also, their knowledge of period history, literature and culture may be checked.

Final (30%)

The show is considered the final. Just as it takes time to prepare for the final, it will take a few extra rehearsals to prepare for the show. After this performance, there are no classes during dead week or finals week.