2006 – Kharms [Хармс]


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Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ centennial and Russian children’s literature of the 1930’s, UO students of Russian and theater presented the story of life and work of Russia and America’s premier children’s poets along with the funniest Russian children’s poems, songs and dances.

Note from Julia Nemirovskaya, one of Dr. Seuss translators, the play’s writer and director:

“While an American genius, Dr. Seuss, has been appreciated in his country and lived a long and beautiful life, Dr. Kharms, Dr. Seuss contemporary (born in 1905) and a genius who wrote several best Russian pieces for children, starved all his life and was murdered by Stalin at the age of 35. The striking difference of the two lives and the striking similarity of the poems of the two authors prompted me to write and direct a play based on the story of life and incorporating a few works of the two authors.”