Course Details

Russian Through Theater is a unique course which combines elements of Russian language, literature and culture and allows students to participate (in many capacities, from costume design to PR to directing) in a real show. Russian community members, faculty and GTFs join students in the play. During the warm-up games and rehearsals, students play different characters, use puppets, exercise and dance. The class setting creates an informal and warm atmosphere which unleashes freedom of expression and creativity.

The plays are bilingual. When students act in Russian, translation or summary (“live synopsis”) is provided on stage. The plays are designed to provide cultural literacy and therefore are related to a certain period of Russian culture. The professor lectures on period literature, culture, history and theater. Introductory lectures familiarize students with theater basics and the work of K. S. Stanislavsky and V. E. Meyerhold, two Russian directors who created contemporary theater techniques.

Grades are based on attendance and effort. The play is counted as final exam.