2020 UO Russian Theater

ATTENTION! AUDITIONS FOR THE NEW SHOW ARE ON JANUARY 7, 4:00 p.m. at Global Scholars Hall room 123 on the UO campus. English speakers, students of Russian and native speakers of Russian are welcome to audition for the annual live show. Those who opt to take Theater as a course get 2-4 credits and participate in any capacity, on the cast and/or as part of crew (musicians, dancers, artists, IT people, theater pros and more!)

  FUN WAY TO LEARN RUSSIAN: TAKE PART IN A LIVE SHOW AT A REAL THEATER! RUSS 309 (1-4 credits); Global Scholars Hall; ТH 4-5:30 p.m. Julia Nemirovskaya nemro@uoregon.edu

This course is open to all students interested in Russia. It is cross-listed with Theater Arts. Any prior experience in Russian is appreciated but not required.

Russian Through Theater allows students to participate (in many capacities, from costume design/art/makeup to music to PR to directing) in a real show. Russian community members and GTFs join students in the play.

The play is bilingual. Parts of it are in English; when students act in Russian, live synopsis in English is provided on stage.  Actors providing live synopsis or those who want to join the crew only don’t need to have any knowledge of Russian. Russian parts are available for all proficiency levels from 101 to native.

During the warm-up games and rehearsals, students act, use puppets, exercise and dance. Class setting creates an informal and warm atmosphere which unleashes freedom of expression and creativity. Professor teaches theater basics, Russian culture, drama and history. Grades are based on attendance and effort. The play is counted as final exam.

This year’s play is A FOLK TALE! The title will be announced on the first day of class.


To learn more, contact Julia Nemirovskaya: PLC 271; (541) 870-7732; nemro@uoregon.edu