UO Russian Theater

Russian Through Theater Class 309/609.

Theater was Anton Chekhov’s forever love. Russians say that theater created Chekhov, and the great Russian playwright paid it back—he created the Russian theater. Chekhov brought to the stage new forms, new content, and a new spirit.

In 2018 winter, the UO Russian Theater will stage Anton Chekhov’s short plays “The Bear” (Медведь) and “The Marriage Proposal” (Предложение). These vaudevilles satirize the human condition through controversies, jokes, and the triumph of laughter. Come join us as we immerse ourselves in the Chekhovian school of mastery.

All levels of Russian and English accepted! ​                                                                                 For further information, contact Lara Ravitch ravitch@uoregon.edu  and/or Heghine Hakobyan heghineh@uoregon.edu .